Crop insurance

Protect your business against climate-related losses

Do you have a farm or does your business depend on the inflow of commodities from the agricultural sector? Then you realise only too well that the yield of agricultural fields varies as a result of the fluctuating climate. Mother Nature is unpredictable. Crop insurance protects fields, crops and the continuity of your business against loss due to the climate.


Extensive knowledge of crops and crop insurance

Specialised insurance experts in the agricultural sector

Swift payment based on data, statistics, satellite images and sampling

Unique digital platform with 24/7 monitoring of fields

Customised policies, also internationally

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits crop insurance against climate risks in the agricultural sector

Innovative crop insurance

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has offered specialised insurance against climate and agricultural risks for many years. As digital pioneers, we launched our own crop insurance that uses innovative techniques to help your business along quickly and efficiently.

Our strengths

Real-time monitoring of crops

With our unique digital platform, we closely monitor the state of the crops.

  • 24/7 monitoring of fields by satellite images

  • Swift determination of extent of damage

  • No visit from loss adjuster required

  • Second opinion possible on site

  • Quick response 

Smooth claims settlement & payment

Our experts rely on data, statistics, local sampling and satellite images. In case of damage, we take immediate action. 

  • When damage occurs early in the season, a replanting indemnity is paid which allows the farmer to replant immediately. 

  • For damage occurring later in the season, we base payouts on data and statistics.

  • A second opinion from an on-site expert can clarify the matter in case of doubt.

Customised insurance solution

Our experts know all the available insurance solutions on the market. They discuss with you the risks to your business and identify them in a clear way. The result is a tailor-made insurance solution. 

Specialised insurance brokers in the agricultural sector

Our specialists always look for the most comprehensive covers. Our solid international network guarantees us expertise abroad at the local level. This also makes Vanbreda the perfect partner for multinational companies. 

Conditions at the most competitive premiums

Thanks to our extensive client portfolio and our strong market position, we obtain conditions at the most competitive premiums.


Solutions for every business in the agricultural value chain

The agricultural production chain is very diverse. Both seed producers and farmers, as well as logistics companies, production companies and retailers need solutions when the harvest is insufficient.

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Insurance for every business in the agricultural sector

The Flemish government’s disaster fund will be phased out by 2025. You may no longer be able to bear or calculate new risks yourself. Vanbreda meets the government’s requirements as subsidiser and helps your business with customised solutions. 

To ease the transition between disaster fund and insurance, the government offers a subsidy when you take out crop insurance. 

Calculate subsidy from the Flemish government

Our solutions

Vanbreda crop insurance

  • Parametric model based on statistics, satellite images and local sampling

  • Without minimum standards (e.g., at least so many mm of rain, ...)

  • Very strong in arable farming

  • Innovative pioneering

  • Future proof

  • For farmers subsidised by the Flemish government

Insurance solution for every business dependent on agriculture

Businesses that depend on the influx of agricultural commodities at home and abroad may also contact us for advice, guidance and a solution tailored to their business risks.

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Risk management and customised solutions for your agricultural business

Together we look at the challenges and risks to your business. Our expert will draw up an insurance policy that perfectly matches your needs.

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