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Intellectual property insurance: a smart move

An original idea, concept or invention sets your company apart from the competition. An Intellectual Property (IP) policy not only protects your own business innovations, but also defends your interests in the event of allegations of infringement by other companies. Protect your creations and cover your business against high legal costs with a tailor-made policy.


Unique insights in intellectual property insurance

Extensive international network of insurance partners

A policy tailored to your business

A global intellectual property insurance policy

Insuring a unique concept or idea while protecting your business from claims requires the necessary knowledge and the right broker. Enter: Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. Our team has been working with insurance brokers around the world for decades: 

  • Our experts therefore call upon this extensive international network to develop customised policies.

  • We have been investigating claims for years now and always keep our knowledge up-to-date. Thanks to our extensive client portfolio, we have gained insights into very diverse risks.

That’s where Vanbreda makes a difference: you get a unique policy that represents your company’s interests on a global level.

Art insurance gives peace of mind and financial protection in unexpected events. Vanbreda advises and offers tailor-made solutions.

One policy - double protection

As a company, you have every interest in protecting your own creations, inventions and original concepts. They help to form the basis of your success. But suing a company for infringement of your intellectual property rights sometimes costs fortunes. Especially if the company is on the other side of the world. 

Furthermore, the risk of your company unintentionally infringing a patent is certainly not non-existent. Doesn’t your company own any patents? Even so, an intellectual property policy is a wise choice. After all, the legal costs in case of allegations of infringement also run up quickly. What if a small company accidentally infringes a patent of a market leader? Precisely, it runs the risk of complete financial ruin if sued.

Intellectual property policy

The solution: an intellectual property policy tailored to your business. This policy typically consists of two parts:

  1. Defence: Covers legal costs and any damages in a defence against allegations of infringement. 

  2. Pursuit: Covers legal costs when suing another company that infringes your intellectual property. 

The policy can provide worldwide coverage and may be supplemented with optional covers tailored to your business. In this way, you give your company the best intellectual property insurance, both for industrial property and for artistic and literary works, as well as IT developments and products.

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