Insurance brokerage code of conduct

1. Vanbreda

The Vanbreda Group is a network of companies that provide insurance intermediary services and miscellaneous insurance activities, asset management, risk management and claims handling and/or other allied activities. Each company of the group is recognized by the FSMA as an independent broker.

The Vanbreda Group in Belgium consists of:

Within the group, the company Vanbreda Agencies (0772.859.673) has the status of managing general agent.

In the Netherlands, the Vanbreda Group is represented by Vanbreda Risk & Benefits Nederland, and in Luxembourg by Vanbreda Risk & Benefits S.A..

The Vanbreda Group has close links to the insurance company Justitia. Justitia specialises in insuring Employee Benefits plans which are developed by the Vanbreda Group and tailored for the policyholding business.

Above you will find all contact and identification details of the various Vanbreda companies.

2. Working method

2.1 Insurance intermediary services

As an insurance broker we specialise in advising on, offering and managing insurance contracts. To do this, we carry out the preparatory work up to conclusion of the insurance contracts and assist with their administration and implementation, including submission of claims.

We work out the best solution for you on the basis of the information that you give us. It is therefore important that you should inform us in detail beforehand of all circumstances and requirements of which you are aware that may reasonably be regarded as factors that will influence the proposal that we make to you. We always provide advice on the basis of an impartial analysis. In other words, our analysis is based on a sufficient number of insurance solutions that are available in the insurance market and correspond to your wishes and needs. By entering into the insurance contract you acknowledge that our advice takes into account your wishes and needs and that you have been informed about the scope and limitations of the insurance product that you have chosen.

2.2 Insurance classes

Most of the companies within the Vanbreda Group can act as insurance brokers for all the insurance classes summarised below. If one of the companies does not have a licence for a specific class, this is noted for that class. Due to its niche specialisation, Vanbreda Credinco (credit insurance) and Vanbreda Marine only have a license for non-life.

2.2.1 “Non-life” insurance business

1. Accident

1.a. Non-industrial accidents: fixed pecuniary benefits; benefits in the nature of indemnity; combinations of both; passengers.

1.b. Industrial accidents

2. Sickness: fixed pecuniary benefits; benefits in the nature of indemnity; combinations of both; permanent health insurance.

3. Land vehicles except railway rolling stock: all damage to motorised and non-motorised vehicles.

4. Railway rolling stock: all damage.

5. Aircraft: all damage.

6. Ships: all damage to inland navigation vessels; lake navigation vessels; marine vessels.

7. Goods in transit including merchandise, baggage and all other goods: all damage to goods or baggage in transit, irrespective of the form of transport.

8. Fire and natural forces: all damage to property (with the exception of property included in classes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) when caused by fire; explosion; storm; natural forces, with the exception of hail and frost; nuclear energy or subsidence.

9. Other damage to property: all damage to property (with the exception of property included in classes 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7) when caused by hail or frost, including all events not already covered under 8, such as theft.

10. Motor vehicle liability: all liability resulting from the use of motor vehicles.

10.a. compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance

10.b. carrier liability insurance

11. Aircraft liability: all liability resulting from the use of aircraft (including carrier’s liability).

12. Liability of ships: all liability resulting from the use of marine and inland navigation vessels (including carrier’s liability).

13. General liability: all other forms of liability not already covered under nos. 10, 11 and 12.

14. Credit: general insolvency; export credit; instalment credit; mortgages; agricultural credit.

15. Suretyship: direct suretyship; indirect suretyship.

16. Miscellaneous financial loss: unemployment risks; insufficiency of income (general); bad weather; loss of profit; continuing general expenses; unforeseen trading expenses; loss of market value; loss of rent or revenue; indirect trading losses other than those mentioned above; other financial loss (non-trading); other forms of financial loss.

17. Legal expenses.

18. Assistance: assistance to persons who get into difficulties while travelling, while away from home or while away from their permanent residence; assistance under other circumstances.

2.2.2 “Life” insurance business

21. Life insurance not linked to investment funds, with the exception of marriage and birth insurance.

22. Marriage and birth insurance not linked to investment funds.

23. Life, marriage and birth insurance linked to investment funds.

24. The insurance that exists in Ireland and the United Kingdom known as “permanent health insurance” (long-term health insurance that cannot be cancelled).

25. Tontines.

26. Capital redemption.

27. Pension fund management.

28. Transactions as referred to in Book IV, title 4, chapter I of the French “Code des assurances”.

29. Transactions relating to the length of human life that are described and referred to in social security legislation, insofar as these are in accordance with the legislation of a European Member State, and undertaken or managed by insurance companies at their own risk.

More information on our services in general and the various types of policies for which we act as intermediaries can be found under the “Solutions” tab at the top of our website. This information is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute a summary of all the current insurance terms and conditions. As an insurance broker we work with a number of different companies. Each company, however, has its own general and special policy terms and conditions. To decide which insurance policy best corresponds to your needs, a full study is needed. If necessary, we negotiate tailored policy terms with the insurer.

2.3 Code of conduct

We respect codes of conduct, regardless of whether these are prescribed by law or based on ethical codes for intermediaries. This also means that as a member of the Professional Trade Association of Insurance Brokers (BVVM) we also follow, in our conflict of interest policy and in our remuneration policy, the rules and principles adopted at sectoral level by the professional association.

2.4 Fees

For services of insurance intermediation, we receive a fee from the insurance company, which is part of the premium or a fee charged separately to the client. We may receive a fee associated with our firm’s insurance portfolio at an insurance company for which additional tasks are performed for the benefit of the insurer.

2.5 Conflicts of interest

The conflict of interest policy is an integral part of the rules of conduct within the Vanbreda Group. Should a conflict of interest arise, strict procedures will take effect. If necessary, this will be communicated with you in an appropriate manner.

2.6 Privacy policy

We respect your personal privacy in accordance with the current legislation.

You are not obliged to answer questions that we ask, but failure to answer those questions may, depending on the situation, mean that we may be unable or may refuse to enter into a precontractual or contractual relationship, to continue such a relationship or to transact business requested by you or by a third party for your benefit.

3. Sustainability policy

3.1 Policies on sustainability risks

In accordance with the Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR), our firm takes sustainability risks into account when advising on insurance policies with an investment component, insofar as this information is made available by the insurance company.

The SFDR has defined sustainability risk as ‘an environmental (E), social (S) or governance (G) event or condition that, if it were to occur, could cause an actual or potential significant negative effect on the value of the investment’.

In the context of advice for insurance policies with an investment component, the remuneration policy applicable in our firm does not encourage excessive risk-taking in relation to sustainability risks.

3.2 Adverse impacts on sustainability factors

The SFDR has defined sustainability factors as ‘environmental, social and employment issues, respect for human rights, and combating corruption and bribery’.

The legal framework regarding sustainability factors and adverse effects of investment decisions on sustainability factors is currently incomplete, and will therefore evolve in the coming months and years. Our firm will review this policy as the legal framework is developed further.

3.3 Your sustainability preferences

When advising on insurance policies with an investment component our office will ask for your sustainability preferences.

4. Use of our website

By using our website, you declare that you are aware of the information set out below.

By sharing personal data via the website, you are giving consent for Vanbreda to process those data as stipulated in our Privacy policy. Since the internet does not provide complete security, respect for your personal privacy can only be guaranteed if the personal data are disclosed using a means of communication which you have confirmed to be secure.

4.1 No guarantee

The texts on this website have been produced with care, but they are necessarily generalised in nature. They must not be viewed as advice or as a summary of the cover that is provided. Such a summary is provided only by the insurance policy that is taken out. We are entitled to amend, alter or remove the contents of the website.

None of the links to websites belonging to third parties are under our supervision. We have no authority over their content or other characteristics of those websites. We provide these links exclusively for the sake of user-friendliness and the fact that we include these links does not imply that we approve of the information on these websites.

The Vanbreda Group accepts no liability whatsoever for inaccuracies or errors in the information provided via our website. If you make decisions on the basis of that information, this is your own sole responsibility. You can contact us for tailored advice at any time.

4.2 Cookies

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your hard disk during your visit to a website.

The website of the Vanbreda Group uses ‘session cookies’, which remain active temporarily. Session cookies are removed from your computer as soon as you close your web browser. Moreover, our session cookies do not contain any personal information.

The cookies that are created on our website identify your specific wishes and preferences and make it possible to tailor our services to those needs.

Most web browsers are set by default to accept cookies. By changing the settings of his web browser, the internet user can request to be warned whenever a cookie is sent or even prevent cookies from being created or kept on his hard drive. However, the Vanbreda Group cannot guarantee access to their website to internet users who refuse the use of ‘session cookies’.

4.3 Copyright notice

All texts, drawings, photographs, films, names, trade and domain names, trademarks, logos, etc. mentioned on this site are protected by intellectual property rights and belong to the Vanbreda Group or to third parties.

It is forbidden, without prior written permission from us, to store the information offered on and via this website (other than as necessary in order to view the website), to reproduce it, alter it, publicise it, distribute or transmit it, sell it or otherwise transfer it or grant any rights over it to third parties.

The use of information on this website is only permitted if the following conditions are met:

(1) the copyright notice set out below is shown on all documents and copies which are reproduced or produced on the basis of this website (“the documents”),

(2) the documents are used exclusively for information and personal or non-commercial purposes and the documents are not placed on other networks,

(3) no alterations or changes are made to the documents.

Its use for other purposes is expressly prohibited by law and we may take legal recourse in case of any breach or infringement of our rights.


All rights reserved.

Contact & identification details

You will find all contact and identification details on our contact page. We are available to advise you in either Dutch, French or English.

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits NV, Plantin en Moretuslei 297, 2140 Antwerp is licensed as an insurance intermediary by the FSMA under registration number 13718 A-R.

The register of insurance intermediaries is maintained by the FSMA (Congresstraat 12-14, 1000 Brussels) and can be found at

Reporting unethical behaviour (whistleblowing procedure)

Vanbreda has implemented a whistleblowing procedure to report unethical behaviour. Unethical behaviour can be reported by present, future and former employees, all third parties with which Vanbreda has a business relationship, and anyone who has knowledge of breaches in the area of financial services, products and markets, even outside a work-related context.

Any such parties who notice improper, fraudulent or illegal behaviour or have reason to suspect behaviour which they believe is in breach of the Rules of conduct in insurance brokerage or any applicable law, regulation or provision, are encouraged to report such behaviour as soon as possible.

Reports can be filed over a secure external portal. The report is passed on anonymously to the Compliance team, which will assign the report to the team that is in the best position to take further action.

This platform is not intended to answer complaints or questions about your services and/or products with Vanbreda. For that purpose, please contact your client team and/or broker, or use our contact form.

Any personal data that have been supplied will be used solely for the purpose of investigating the report and taking action. If you wish to find out more about how we use your personal data, please read our Privacy Statement. Employees can also find more information in the Privacy Policy for Employees that is available on Vanbreda’s intranet.

Secure portal whistleblowing procedure

Full policy

Questions & problems

For all questions and problems, please first contact Vanbreda Risk & Benefits NV, Plantin en Moretuslei 297, 2140 Antwerp by filling in this form or send an e-mail to Complaints may also be filed with the Insurance Ombudsman (de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels, Tel. + 32 2 547 58 71 – Fax + 32 2 547 59 75 – or via the online dispute resolution of the European Union.