Liability policies for business managers, SMEs and multinationals

Every day, you and your employees commit to all kinds of challenges. But what if something goes wrong? Who is responsible? Both privately and in the context of a business activity, the consequences of liability can be significant. Protect your financial interests and those of your business with tailor-made liability insurance.


Policies tailored to your business, with specific clauses

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A liability policy tailored to your business

Liability is a broad concept and each country has its own laws, which creates insurance challenges. That’s where Vanbreda Risk & Benefits makes a difference.

Our strengths

Excellent knowledge of risks

Thanks to our extensive client portfolio of large and small companies, operating in many different sectors, we have excellent knowledge of diverse risks.

Access to global network

Our experts work with an international network of insurance brokers. As a result, you always get the best possible coverage, wherever you are.

Unequalled client engagement

Active consultation between insurer and client results in quick and correct settlement of a claim.

Unique policies

Our expert reviews all risks together with the client. Policies with specific clauses ensure that all risks specific to yourself and your business are covered.


Our solutions

Business civil liability insurance

Every day your employees are working on your own company sites or at clients. Unfortunately, not all activities run smoothly all the time. Third parties may also be victims of an accident or carelessness caused by you or one of your employees. Accidents can happen easily, but the financial consequences can be dire. 

Protect yourself and your business against damage to third parties with business civil liability (BA) insurance. The policy consists of four parts:

  1. Civil liability for commercial operations: covers damage to third parties while carrying out a professional activity. 

  2. Civil liability for entrusted property: covers damage to goods and tools entrusted for carrying out works

  3. Civil liability for subsequent delivery: covers damage to third parties caused by a defective product or work that has been carried out. 

  4. Legal assistance: covers lawyer’s fees and legal costs in the event of prosecution or own recovery from the liable party

Director’s liability insurance

Cover yourself as a director against joint and several liability with a Directors & Officers policy. This director’s liability insurance covers:

  • Legal costs for defence in a legal action against a director.

  • Director’s civil liability for financial losses of the other party. 

This insurance provides indispensable protection of your private assets. Not only do you cover the financial consequences of a management error, but you also protect yourself against huge legal costs.

Depending on the needs of your business, you can supplement this policy with: 

  • Liability of management companies: In the separate Management Company Protector policy, all insurable liability risks are contained in one policy: Professional indemnity and director’s liability, civil liability for commercial operations, and employment liability. 

  • Liability with regard to employment practice errors: protects directors and employees in cases of claims for damages for discrimination in the workplace, wrongful dismissal or suspected sexual harassment.

Professional indemnity insurance

As a service provider, your firm assists clients and other businesses with advice and services. 

  • But what if clients are not satisfied and claim to suffer losses by working with your company?

  • What about contractual liability? What happens when contractual obligations are not met? 

  • Is the claim well-founded? What is the actual damage and what is the liability limitation? What exactly was agreed in the cooperation contract?

Professional indemnity insurance protects your company against damage resulting from advice, calculations or actions.

For whom is a professional indemnity policy useful?

  • A professional indemnity policy is mandatory for certain regulated professions, such as lawyers and architects.

  • Other professions such as IT and business consultants can also benefit from this policy.

  • It is useful for all service providers, especially in the medical, legal and financial sectors.

The three main advantages of professional indemnity insurance are the following:

  1. It protects you against the financial consequences of damage.

  2. It gives peace of mind.

  3. It signals your professionalism to the client

Objective liability

Do you own a business that is open to the public and appears in the legal list? If so, you are required by law to take out insurance for Objective Liability for Fire or Explosion.

Supermarkets, clothing stores, party halls, sports complexes, offices, restaurants, amusement parks, pubs and other businesses that are open to the public must take out cover against the risks of fire and explosion.

This insurance covers the business owner’s liability:

  • Without having to prove the fault of the operator.

  • In case of damage to third parties as a result of fire or explosion.

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Protect yourself and your business against liability risks

Our experts are happy to review the possibilities for your business. With tailor-made policies, the best possible coverage is guaranteed, even abroad.

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