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From small business to multinational: you need protection. The combination of cyber insurance and fraud insurance provides assistance in case of common economic crimes, online and offline. We assist you when your company is confronted with known incidents, such as hacking, phishing and theft, for example.

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Every company must guard against cyber crime. In recent years, about half of Belgian businesses experienced a cyber attack. The financial consequences of such an attack are often great. In recent years, we saw incidents in Belgium where the cost of the damage was astronomical.

Fraud also occurs outside the computer. Besides cyber crime, Belgian companies are reporting other crimes such as dishonesty, forgery, theft, embezzlement and fraud. Much of this only comes to light during company audits.

Invest in your business with the combination of cyber insurance and fraud insurance.

Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance protects the company against various types of cyber incidents, such as phishing, extortion, data leaks, viruses, GDPR fines and costly assistance. You are covered against the damage you suffer. A cyber insurance policy consists of three essential pillars.

247 helpline assistance

Crisis, IT, legal and PR assistance.

Cover for own costs

Experts’ fees, data recovery, human error, cyber extortion and theft, telephone hacking, administrative costs and fines.

Cover for third-party damages

Legal defence, spreading a virus, distributing corrupt data or programs, blocking, deleting, changing or corrupting data, and multimedia liability.

Fraud Insurance

Fraud insurance is a useful addition to cyber insurance, property policy and existing prevention plans in the company. Fraud insurance compensates the negative financial impact, even if no cyber incident is involved. You can protect the company against: 

  • Identity fraud

  • Forgery

  • Expert investigation costs

  • Cost of restoring data

  • Embezzlement

  • Fraud

  • Corruption 

  • CEO fraud

  • Theft

Phishing as a service

Finish the story with our phishing service in 3 parts.

We make you aware

We transform your employees into a ‘human firewall’. They receive training to recognise phishing and to anticipate it.

We train you

We offer professional training programmes. Your employees learn how to act in the real world. Among other things, we teach you how to intercept fraudulent emails, show you the consequences of data loss, explain the privacy laws, etc. 

We report

We give you an understanding of potential digital risks and help you get started with cyber and fraud insurance.

Invest in your business with insurance

With cyber insurance and fraud insurance, you are investing in your business. You are building a long-term strong and secure environment. At Vanbreda, we take a focused look at how to protect your core business and financial assets. Our specialists work closely with specialised insurers around the world.

We introduce you to hands-on cyber experts and fraud experts with backgrounds in the legal, insurance and IT sectors. They give you the right support and identify your risk profile.

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Protect yourself against cyber and fraud!

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits participated in the development of cyber insurance. We handle various cyber and fraud cases on a daily basis. Therefore we can guarantee you the best quality at an advantageous premium.

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