Tailor-made insurance for every business in the agricultural sector

Every business in the agricultural sector has faced a host of new challenges in recent years. Mother Nature seems to have lost its way a bit, and our climate has changed considerably. The resistance of crops to variable weather conditions is difficult to predict, which makes crop management a lot more complicated. Your broker will assist you in tailoring an insurance solution for your business.


Extensive knowledge of crops and crop insurance

Specialised insurance experts in the agricultural sector

Unique data processing and satellite monitoring

Smooth claims settlement and payment

Advice tailored to your business, including for international companies

Unique crop insurance against climate risks

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is involved in the development of an insurance policy against climate risks. Financial compensation after crop failure allows the shortage of crops to be purchased elsewhere for each link in the production chain.

Ourapproach is innovative. We are moving away from the traditional insurance model where an adjuster investigates damage and, after consultation, a pay-out may follow.

How we work

In consultation with the client, we discuss the harvest projections. For this, we base ourselves on historical data and statistics. Based on this, we determine the insured amounts.

We monitor the climate and insured fields by satellite images.

We calculate damages by comparing the new data with historical data and local sampling along with analysis of satellite data.

The difference between the pre-agreed harvest projection and the final harvest is covered by the crop insurance.

Monitoring by satellite images and weather stations allows rapid response to losses:

  • When loss occurs early in the season, a replanting indemnity is paid. This financial relief gives farmers the means to replant in a field where the crops suffered irreversible damage early in the year.
  • For damage occurring later in the season, we rely on the data and statistics of the region.
  • In case of doubt or ambiguity, we seek a second opinion from a local, licensed and certified expert.
Vanbreda Risk & Benefits crop insurance against climate risks in the agricultural sector

Protection for every business in the production process

The Flemish government has decided to phase out the disaster fund and eliminate it completely by 2025. Therefore, you would do well to discuss and calculate risks of damage from drought, storm, hail, flood and other types of damage with your insurance broker. He or she will then work out an appropriate insurance solution for your business.

The Flemish government provides a premium subsidy if you take out recognised comprehensive weather insurance. Flemish government premium

Changing weather conditions mean that harvests often do not yield the same results as they used to, making both farmers and businesses that are dependent on agricultural commodities vulnerable.

The agricultural production chain is very diverse. Both seed producers and farmers, as well as transport logistics, production companies and retailers need solutions when the harvest is insufficient.

Insure the future of your business

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has years of experience in the agricultural and horticultural sectors. We help entrepreneurs minimise the consequences of damage with a tailor-made policy. 

  • Our experts in the agricultural sector look for the most comprehensive guarantees. 

  • Thanks to our strong negotiating position, we obtain conditions at the most competitive premiums.

  • We also assist companies that depend on suppliers from abroad with advice and an appropriate insurance solution. 

We customise solutions for each company so that we can intervene where the risks are greatest. That way, financial risks remain limited and you insure the future of your business.

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