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Insurance for an industry in flux

Whether you put trucks on the road all over Europe or own a fleet of buses; you want everything to run smoothly. This is precisely why insuring professional transport of goods and people requires a comprehensive approach tailored to your business. At Vanbreda, you are in control of your insurance!






Guidance on prevention


Digital platform VanbredaConnect

Sustainable partnership

Your contact person at Vanbreda, whether that's your broker, client manager or claims manager, speaks your language. We are knowledgeable when it comes to understanding your business, your concerns, managing your contracts and settling your claims.

Thanks to our good reputation, we have built partnerships with national and international insurers over the past decades. Our commitment to our clients, our experience, our effectiveness and our commercial feeling manifest themselves in a strong negotiating position.

A good relationship and mutual trust between the client, the insurer and Vanbreda are crucial in a sustainable partnership.

Moreover, we are always thinking along proactively about the new trends in the transport and bus sector and go looking for appropriate solutions together with all the parties involved.

Using personalised reports, we identify the stumbling blocks and help your organisation develop targeted preventive actions. Especially as prevention is still better than cure, particularly when accidents occur. In short, we do everything we can so that you and your team can hit the road with peace of mind!

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Online platform

Finally, we want to make life as easy as possible for you. With VanbredaConnect, our online platform to manage your business insurance policies and submit claims, we meet our clients’ digital expectations. Through VanbredaConnect, you can keep track of your claims online anytime, anywhere.

Want to know how we can help your organisation? We would love to exchange ideas with you and are curious to hear your story.

Go for tailor-made transport insurance

Civil liability (BA) car

The policy for cars, vans, lorries and other vehicles. In the event of an accident, this policy covers damage to third parties if the driver is liable.

Comprehensive insurance

Comprehensive insurance for vehicles covers property damage to your vehicle. This includes the covers for own damage, fire, theft, natural disasters and glass breakage, as well as any towing costs after an accident.

CMR insurance

What if you lose part of your cargo, or it gets damaged or is delivered late? Carrier liability insurance or CMR insurance protects your company against financial loss in such situations.

Business civil liability (BA) insurance

This policy covers damage to third parties during the performance of your activities.

Occupational Accidents

Legal assistance

Solid legal assistance is a real must-have for your business. In legal disputes your company can fully assert its rights, without financial risk.

Cyber insurance

Even the most powerful software does not entirely rule out the risk of a cyber incident or cyber-attack. Cyber insurance for businesses covers damage by hacking, for example, and offers personalised assistance by IT specialists, lawyers and crisis consultants.

Cyber & fraude

Fire insurance

What if a fire breaks out in a shed or warehouse where your own goods or those of a customer are stored? With a customised fire insurance you can limit the damage significantly.

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At Vanbreda, you are in control of your insurance.

Come and talk about it now!

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