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Optimally protect your employees with tailor-made policies

Companies and organisations are more than ever aware of the value and power of their employees, as their work contributes to the success of the company. The non-statutory insurances you can offer for your staff on a mandatory or an optional basis form an increasingly important part of the total remuneration package. Vanbreda can help you develop a substantively and financially optimised insurance package that is customised to your company and your employees.


UnUnique “We Care” insurance concept for personal insurance

Extensive experience in the area of Employee Benefits

Broad guarantees at competitive premiums

Personal insurance at an international level

Customised policies with individual clauses

Employee benefits: Insure your human capital

Employee Benefits represents the whole package of non-statutory benefits that you, as an employer, offer your employees in order to provide them with better protection against financial risks due to retirement, illness, accident or death. As an employer, you have a duty of care towards your employees. This duty of care not only applies during working hours, but also outside of them.

With a tailored insurance package:

  • You can make yourself stand out in the employment market

  • Your employees will be fully and correctly insured

  • You will protect your employees better and in a more economical manner

Especially now that the ‘war for talent’ is in full swing, a customised insurance package should no longer be missing from the remuneration package. The many options when it comes to personal insurances can be somewhat overwhelming, however. Our experts will be happy to help you with your insurance ‘puzzle’.

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Risk management and the technical and legal follow-up of insurances require extensive expertise nowadays, which the average Flemish company does not have available in house. We’ve built up a close partnership with Vanbreda.
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A unique concept in the Belgian market: “We Care”

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits provides you with a total solution for your personal insurances. Vanbreda has developed “We Care” with this in mind. This action plan in four parts helps transform the personal insurances within your company or corporate group into a package that is optimised financially and in terms of content.

Our approach

Mapping out the current situation

We will map out the current insurances for the employees in your company.

Analysis of all coverages

We will prepare an analysis of all coverages, draw up action points and will list gaps, overlaps and irregularities.

Drawing up a recommendation report

We will propose optimisations in terms of content and financial aspects, and, in consultation with you, will propose the ideal retirement, death and disability scheme for your company, as well as other solutions.

We can also recommend various solutions with regard to the communication and positive highlighting of the non-statutory benefits package to your employees.

Possible follow-up process

We will take care of the substantive adaptations of the existing insurance policies and/or will launch a market consultation event for the existing or desired personal insurance policies. We can also support you in the management of your insurance package on a daily basis.

Our solutions

Group insurance for retirement and death

A group insurance retirement policy provides your employees with a supplementary pension. There are countless possibilities when it comes to supplementary pension schemes, and several forms of financing are also possible. A comprehensive retirement scheme also includes a guarantee in the event of death.

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Hospitalisation insurance

A hospitalisation insurance protects your employees, and possibly also their family members, against the costs of admission to a hospital or of medical treatment in a hospital. 

An assistance cover can be included in this insurance, for repatriation and urgent medical transportation, for example.

→ Anoutpatient costs insurance is a good supplement to a hospitalisation insurance. This option covers a range of outpatient costs, such as doctors’ consultations, medicines, dental care and the costs of glasses.

Guaranteed income insurance

Prolonged absence from work has major financial consequences for your employee. Through a guaranteed income insurance, you can limit the loss of income of an employee who is incapacitated for work for a prolonged period.

Occupational accidents insurance

This insurance is a legal requirement, and includes a number of essential covers for your employees and student employees, among others:

  • Temporary incapacity for work

  • Permanent incapacity for work

  • Death

  • Medical costs

  • Costs for (damage to) prostheses

Extensions to the statutory coverage are possible, for example, for telework, assignments abroad and events.

Occupational Accidents

Supplementary occupational accidents insurance

This cover is a supplement to the occupational accidents insurance required by law. The legislator caps benefits at a statutory salary ceiling. As a company, you can also define the coverage yourself, however. This is then laid down in a supplementary occupational accidents insurance.

Private third-party liability insurance

The difference between an activity during work or in private time is not always clear. What happens, for example, if your employee is hit by a car when he goes jogging before work during a business trip? Avoid any discussions, and give your employee a non-statutory benefit through a private third-party liability insurance. Here again, you can put together the compensation system yourself.

International mobility insurance

There are different types of international employment that enable companies to deploy their employees beyond the national borders. Each type of employment, such as expatriation, business trips, split salary and secondment requires specific insurance solutions.

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Personal insurance at an international level

Don’t forget to involve the entities of your company abroad in the optimisation of personal insurances. In this way, all your employees at home and abroad will enjoy similar coverage.


Protect your employees with an optimised insurance package

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is the largest independent Belgian insurance broker and risk consultant. Working together with the global Lockton Global network, we guarantee the same service and cover across the world.

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