European officials

Private insurance for European officials and their families

As a European official, you benefit from private insurance that covers you anywhere in the world. Insure yourself and your family against risks and unforeseen circumstances at home and abroad with tailor-made policies. An expert will work out solutions that perfectly match your insurance needs to give you and your family the best possible protection.


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Policies tailored to European officials and their families

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Private insurance for European officials

Officials working abroad are subject to local laws and customs which brings new challenges in areas such as safety and health. But employment at home also calls for tailor-made policies. 

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has specialised in insurance solutions for European officials for many years now, offering them and their families a wide range of private insurance policies.

Our solutions

Car Insurance

Good car insurance is indispensable if you regularly take your car on the road. Vanbreda insures your vehicle with discounts of 30% to 50%.

Car insurance for European officials

Home and theft insurance

Protect your family, your home and its contents against damage from fire, water, natural disasters, vandalism and other types of damage with a home policy. Supplement that policy with coverage for theft, indirect losses and legal assistance.

Home and theft insurance - European officials

Legal protection insurance

With legal protection insurance, you get immediate help with legal disputes, including abroad.

Travel insurance

Protect yourself during your stay abroad with travel assistance insurance. You can call on a professional assistance provider 24/7.

Insurance cover for your art collection or other unique collections

To protect the private collections of European officials, we adopt an exclusive approach: either you freely determine yourself the value you wish to insure, or make use of a free estimate by an art expert.

Afiliatys members enjoy additional benefits

Free audit of your existing insurance portfolio

Have your existing insurance portfolio scrutinised for free by an expert. He will make a comparison of all insurance policies and identify potential gaps. By mutual agreement, the expert will propose solutions that either fine-tune existing policies where necessary or replace old policies.

Additional health insurance

As a European official, you benefit from a specific sickness insurance scheme, JSIS, but that does not cover 100% of your medical expenses. Additional health insurance is the perfect complement to that scheme.

Exclusive supplementary accident insurance for your children

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, together with AIG (American International Group), offers you the Youth Protection Plan. This plan protects you and your children from the financial consequences of an accident and provides, among other things:

  • A capital sum in case of permanent disability up to 250,000 EUR

  • Reimbursement of medical expenses up to 5,000 EUR

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Optimise your insurance portfolio

Our expert team looks forward to optimising your insurance portfolio so you can count on appropriate coverage any time, anywhere. 

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