Risk prevention and customised solutions for SMEs and multinationals

Guarantee the continuity of your business in the event of fire, flooding, machinery failure, electronic issues or other risks with major material and financial consequences. Our experts analyse your company’s risk management and propose solutions that are tailored to your business, including for sites abroad.


Thorough audits of all company sites

Technical prevention reports prepared by in-house experts

Fully customised policies, also for multinationals

More than a decade of expertise in property

Wide international network of insurance partners

Identify the risks to your business

Identifying the risks to yourself as an entrepreneur and to your business is a complex proposition. In consultation with you and your company, our experts will be happy to prepare a Business Continuity Plan. In this prepared manual, we list the risks that your business faces and how a restart is done quickly, efficiently and purposefully in the event of major damage.

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has worked together with an extensive international network of insurance brokers for decades.

  • That connection also gives us access to a diverse reinsurance market offering you and your company a wider diversity of policies.

  • The wide range of knowledge of our brokers allows us to create inventive solutions tailored to your business.

Are you curious about the possibilities for you and your business? Our experts are ready to get going with you.

Solutions to ensure business continuity

Traditional fire insurance

A fire can occur spontaneously, through inadvertence or technical defect. Protect your company against fire damage with a traditional fire insurance policy.

What does traditional fire insurance cover?

In a traditional fire insurance policy, only the specified risks are covered. It is up to the insured to prove that the claim is covered.

Besides fire damage, the policy may also cover other risks such as flooding, electrical damage and other types of damage.

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All-risk policy

Companies are increasingly switching to an all-risk formula. An All-Risk policy protects your business against any type of damage or loss.

What does an All-Risk policy cover?

Everything is insured, except what is explicitly excluded, such as war or nuclear risks. A major advantage of that formula is the reversal of the burden of proof. Every kind of damage is insured, unless the insurer proves that it is excluded.

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Loss of profits insurance

Loss of profits insurance is a perfect extension to fire insurance. It compensates the financial losses your business incurs due to risks insured in the fire policy. Fire insurance covers material damage; loss of profits insurance covers consequential financial loss.

Limit your business losses

A fire, flooding or other type of damage slows down the production process or shuts it down temporarily. Your turnover decreases, while your fixed costs remain the same. This affects your profit margin and puts your company’s health at risk.

Loss of profits insurance limits your business losses. The policy insures the losses of your operating results for a predetermined period.

Safeguard your company’s financial position

A loss of profits policy offers you a financial safety net that covers your business losses so that your company’s financial position is maintained as if the loss had not occurred.

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Fire prevention at the corporate level with a Corporate Loss Prevention Manual (CLPM)

Are you looking for a fire prevention policy at the corporate level? Together with your company, our experts can develop a Corporate Loss Prevention Manual. In that tailor-made manual, we list all the concerns and actions. We take into account: 

  • Overall prevention policy

  • Protective measures: smoke detection, sprinklers, …

  • Human aspects: training, order and cleanliness, …

How is a CLPM created?

For this purpose, all company sites receive a thorough audit. We sum up the results of those audits in a CLPM tailored to your business. This document contains all the requirements surrounding fire prevention and serves as a guideline for all your sites. The requirements are always drafted in consultation with the company. 

Who benefits from a CLPM?

A CLPM is interesting for large companies with sites at home and abroad. It sets the minimum standard for all of your company’s sites, making the fire prevention policy uniform across all sites. This has three benefits for your company:

  • It guarantees business continuity 

  • It shows where targeted investments are needed

  • It keeps the insurance premium under control

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Tailored property policies. Discuss them with us.

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