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Risk management for financial institutions: a must

The financial sector is an important hub of our economy. Banks, insurers, pension funds, payment service providers, investment institutions and private equity funds alike are subject to complex laws and stringent capital requirements. That brings specific challenges. Proper risk management is a must for any financial institution.


Experts specialising in the financial sector

Extensive network of insurance brokers

Customised solutions

Comprehensive range of products for financial institutions

Policies tailored to each financial institution

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits has been addressing the insurance needs of financial institutions for decades. Thanks to our extensive client portfolio, we know better than anyone else the challenges and risks that companies face. That’s where Vanbreda makes a difference.

Our strengths

Specialists with a focus on the financial sector

Our specialists with a focus on the financial sector identify the insurance needs with the client. Thanks to our years of expertise, we know perfectly which risks pose a challenge for any financial institution.

Comprehensive range of insurance solutions

By relying on our wide range of insurance brokers specialising in this niche, we are able to offer our clients a comprehensive range of products.

Customised solutions

Each insurance solution perfectly matches the needs of the financial institution. Our expert examines the risks, identifies them, offers advice and works out customised solutions for them.

Extensive network

Through our international network Lockton Global, we have access to a global network of insurers that allows us to properly represent branches abroad as well.

Strong negotiating position

Our advisers will be happy to guide you in your search for the right cover for all risks. Thanks to our strong negotiating position, we can offer premiums at the most competitive rates.

Diverse challenges, diverse solutions

The system of laws and regulations governing financial institutions is constantly expanding. The complexity and expansion of laws and regulations increases the risk of litigation and claims with a major financial impact.


Our solutions

Director’s liability insurance

Protect yourself against the risk of individual prosecution as a director. With director’s liability insurance, you not only cover the financial consequences of a management error, but you also protect yourself against huge legal costs.

Professional liability insurance

Cover your financial institution against the consequences of claims. Professional liability insurance protects a financial institution and its employees against claims due to errors or shortcomings in the performance of services.

For pension funds, private equity funds and asset managers our experts developed a combination of professional and director’s liability insurance in one policy.

Fraud insurance

Take out fraud insurance to cover yourself as a financial institution against losses due to fraud. Fraud committed by an employee or third parties poses a risk that can have significant financial consequences. Moreover, it can also have a negative impact on your reputation.

Cyber insurance

The amount of sensitive data and executed transactions is increasing due to a rapidly evolving technological environment. Therefore, every financial institution needs protection against cyber crime.

Our cyber insurance policy consists of three pillars:

  • We offer a first aid team for IT, PR and the legal department to assist the insured in the event of a cyber incident.

  • Cyber insurance covers the damage suffered by the insured due to business interruption, data recovery, ransomware and other types of damages.

  • In addition, the policy also provides coverage for the damage suffered by third parties due to a cyber attack on the insured.

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Start risk management today

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is ready to advise and guide each financial institution in the search for the most suitable customised solutions. Count on us to represent your company’s interests at home and abroad.

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