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A comprehensive insurance approach for the food industry

As a company in the food industry, you are watching over the quality of products as well as the safety of the business. You therefore need to protect the business against various continuity risks that the industry regularly faces. At Vanbreda, we investigate which insurance solution suits the business.


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A production shortfall due to an exceptionally hot summer? Or a batch of minced meat containing a harmful pathogen that only comes to light in the supermarket? 

Like other industries, the food industry faces risks that can have a major impact on the entire business operation. It is therefore important to choose a broad-spectrum insurance solution that covers the different risks. At Vanbreda, we investigate which solutions suit the business.

We servedifferent companies in the sector - even globally. We seek an appropriate solution for entrepreneurs in the entire food industry, ranging from producers of (alternative) foods to crop growers and vendors of the end products.

Various risks insured

Contamination insurance

Address the risk of financial loss due to contamination with contamination insurance. This kind of insurance provides a financial safety net to safeguard your business operations as much as possible. Combine the insurance solution with a liability policy supplemented with recall insurance.


Opt for a comprehensive insurance solution in the area of liability. Protect your food business against financial repercussions in the areas of civil liability, product and director’s liability.

First and third party recall

First and third party recall insurance is also a financial safety net to safeguard your business operations as much as possible. The company is reimbursed for the costs necessary to withdraw contaminated products from the market, for example. Combine this insurance with a liability policy and contamination insurance for optimal protection of your business.

Weather insurance

Weather insurance provides cover in the event of extreme weather. There are two insurance solutions available: a broad weather policy or a parametric weather policy. The first one provides cover when crops are partially or completely destroyed by extreme weather. The second type of policy protects the company in the event of a production shortfall by using a pre-agreed index or parameter.

Fire insurance

Mitigate the consequences of fire damage with fire insurance. This policy gives protection against material damage and loss of profits. All Risks insurance may also be taken out to cover material damage.

Cyber and fraud

Every business needs a decent solution to cyber issues and fraud. The combination of cyber insurance and fraud insurance protects the company against various forms of cyber crime and fraud, such as hacking, viruses, data breaches and money laundering. Our crisis consultants can give you 24/7 support with technical and legal assistance. We also offer preventive support with our ‘Phishing as a service’.

Cyber & fraude
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Discuss an insurance solution with us!

As a market leader in insurance solutions for the food industry, we know the sector inside out. Therefore we know exactly how to handle a crisis, and you can count on our 24/7 support. Our teams move quickly and know how to coordinate all insurance solutions within the company.

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