Large companies and multinationals

Are you responsible for risk and insurance management of a large company? Does your company have branches abroad?

It is practically impossible to foresee all the risks of your company, assess them properly and ensure adequate cover. Our specialists are there to assist you in identifying and assessing the risks in your company.


Calculate, reduce and finance your risks

Risk analysis

Our specialists will identify and analyse your risks in terms of real property, people, liability and income losses. By means of audits and contract screening, they will assist you in finding the most appropriate combination of risk reduction and risk finance. Together with you, we will regularly evaluate the chosen strategy in order to be able to adapt it quickly whenever necessary.


We are eager to share our knowledge with you and your colleagues during our internal training programmes, seminars and round-table talks.

International assistance

For your foreign branches, you can rely on a tailored international programme. Our international partnership with Lockton Global ensures you will receive high-quality assistance based on strong local service and expertise in all the risk and insurance domains.


Our consultancy department can counsel you in mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad. This team specialises in the implementation of insurance due diligence and the positioning of transactional risks in the insurance market.

Outsourcing of your Risk Management is also possible. And, if required, we can even be deployed as Risk Manager ourselves, either temporarily or permanently.

Every claim is different

Every claim needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. We will draw up the appropriate procedures together to ensure claims are settled efficiently for you. We provide detailed statistics and reports to enable you – as Risk & Insurance Manager – to know where you need to focus and the preventive action you can take. Our claims adjusters ensure a personal approach: they operate in the forefront and often supervise expert appraisals and meetings with insurers.


Via VanbredaConnect , you can store all your policies in one place, submit your claims online and receive an up-to-date overview of your claims managed by Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. You can also filter your statistics with specific parameters (such as business entities, periodicity, etc.).

Your Employee Benefits package makes the difference

Your company wants to stand out in the market in order to attract the best workforce. Have you considered group insurance as a non-statutory benefit? Make an appointment with our specialists, who will be happy to draw up an Employee Benefits package for you.

We are there for you.

Wim Lanclus
Director Risk Services