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Employees take central stage in our company. They are our most valuable capital. In addition to this, we also find it very important to care about the society in which we and our employees are working. We are therefore continuously developing our sustainability policy, in which we focus on a better future for our fellow human beings, our society and our environment.

Sustainable and corporate social responsibility has been a deliberate choice for Vanbreda Risk & Benefits for many years. Our Corporate sustainability policy is tangible within our company, but its impact also reaches far outside its buildings. In order to offer every person an equal opportunity, regardless of their origin, social status, financial situation or level of education, we make it a priority to support social organisations that contribute to a better future for every individual. We strongly believe that we ensure each other’s future by investing in people, society and the environment today.

Here, we are sharing some recent initiatives of which we are proud, and we are pleased to put the many great organisations with which we have built up partnerships in recent years in the spotlight.

Would you like to know about the three topics around which our sustainability policy is structured?

1. Humans

The well-being and health of every individual is important to us. We therefore focus on professional training and the personal development of our employees within our company. We ensure a good work-life balance by offering them, among other aspects, flexible working hours, a flexible remuneration scheme, additional training options and sports activities. In addition, we attach great importance to positive corporate ethics and the equal treatment of all our current and future employees. In order to also have a positive impact on a larger scale, we have been investing in various types of medical scientific research for quite some time now.

2. Society

Our partnerships with various charities are at the heart of our sustainability policy. By supporting social organisations, financially and otherwise, we help them to strengthen our society. Moreover, our employees also actively contribute to the social organisations we support by organising various activities.

3. Enviroment

As a company, we are aware of our impact on the environment and on the climate. That is why we choose to pursue a sustainable and green corporate policy every single day. Some of the important pillars of our policy: 100% green electricity in all our offices, attention to optimal waste management and the conversion to a green company fleet. As a digital pioneer, we are fully committed to digitisation for our clients and employees, which has significantly reduced our print volume at the office.

More info?

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