Hospi via Payroll

Taking out collective hospitalization insurance for your employees without additional administrative hassle? Find out how Hospi via Payroll provides one of the best cover packages on the market, with a lower premium than similar hospitalization insurance policies.

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Interested in taking out collective hospitalization insurance for your employees without additional administrative hassle?

Hospi via Payroll offers one of the best cover packages on the market and the premium is cheaper than that of comparable individual hospitalization insurance policies. Moreover, you are one step ahead with your Employee Benefits package when attracting new employees and you are also able to offer existing employees an attractive alternative to a pay rise.

Hospi via Payroll is specifically tailored to companies with 10 to 100 employees that outsource their payroll to SD Worx. Start-ups that employ at least one employee within 24 months of setting up the business and are affiliated with SD Worx can also subscribe to this option.

Once you sign the contract, employee data is automatically transferred and enrolment in the collective hospitalization insurance is arranged. In short: thanks to the cooperation between Vanbreda Risk & Benefits and SD Worx you will not incur any additional administrative hassle.

The monthly premium for Hospi via Payroll is 21.34 EUR per employee, whilst employees themselves will contribute 21.34 EUR for their partner and 8.01 EUR for children up to the age of 25. (*)

Hospi via Payroll in a nutshell:

  • Comprehensive cover of medical expenses:
    • during hospitalization
    • in the 2 months before and 6 months after admission to hospital
    • of 32 serious illnesses
    • including medical travel assistance cover at home and abroad
  • Only in the event of admission to single rooms, an annual exemption of 175.00 EUR will apply.
  • Third-party payment scheme; the insurer pays the admission invoice directly to the hospital.
  • Automatic cover for all employees on the payroll. Family members can also join.
  • Attractive premium and easy collection:
    • One overall quarterly invoice for you, showing premiums for enrolled employees.
    • Vanbreda Risk & Benefits collects premiums for family members directly from the employees themselves.
  • Simple administration:
    • Employee enrolments and amendments are managed automatically via the SD Worx payroll processing system.
    • Immediate cover, even for pre-existing conditions, with no medical questionnaires or examinations and no waiting times.
    • Vanbreda also manages the administration to arrange cover for family members.
  • Simple online claim reporting via Vanbreda App.

(*): These premiums took effect on 1/1/2023 and may be indexed annually.

Convinced of the benefits of Hospi via Payroll? Please complete the online application form and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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