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April 3, 2019

“A reliable partnership”

La Lorraine Bakery Group and Vanbreda have collaborated for years. Vanbreda provides the group’s key insurance policies. “We chose Vanbreda because of its excellent professional knowledge,” Guido Vanherpe says.

La Lorraine Bakery Group’s largest Belgian factory was involved in a major fire in 2008. The sizeable factory was completely destroyed. “Even though this was a very emotional incident for everyone, the immediate reaction was: the factory needs to be rebuilt as soon as possible.”

A positive recovery

“Vanbreda’s rapid response was a positive note during this negative turn of events. Vanbreda staff was available even on a Sunday afternoon and provided the required advice immediately.”

Guido Vanherpe’s initial impression has now been fully realised. “Vanbreda is an insurance broker with a great deal of expertise and a solid service structure, and above all, a reliable partner.”

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