Manage your company fleet efficiently with Vanbreda Fleet

Today, fleet managers expect more from their insurance broker than just good policy management and a quick claim settlement. To manage fleet risk efficiently, the workflows have to be optimised with the support of digital tools. We've responded to this need with the Vanbreda Fleet model.

Manage your company fleet efficiently with Vanbreda Fleet

Erik Blankaerts, Deputy Director Accident & Car/Fleet at Vanbreda, notes that companies with a fleet of vehicles are increasingly seeking an umbrella approach in order to be able to manage their fleet easily and digitally. “This is evident from a survey we conducted among the fleet managers of our corporate clients,” states Erik Blankaerts. The main results are:

  • The fleet manager spends (too) much time in administration, and wants to be able to free up more time to manage the fleet.
  • Fleet managers want to unburden themselves by giving the drivers of the vehicles more responsibility.
  • Fleet managers expect services to be tailored to their company. Both the development of tailor-made insurance policies for the fleet and the optimal coordination of all operational processes and external parties are very important to them.
  • Using digital tools to manage the fleet quickly and easily is highly valued.

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Erik Blankaerts: “We have developed a new fleet concept to meet these expectations. Vanbreda Fleet is based on the optimisation of process flows. Interfacing enables the fleet manager to communicate digitally. Take, for example, a new vehicle that needs insurance or damage that needs to be reported. The fleet manager only has to carry out this action once in an IT application to ensure the immediate and direct throughput of the information. As a result, fleet, incident and claims management align seamlessly.” The interface ensures rapid processing and reduces the margin of error both in terms of administrative changes and in handling the claim.

“In addition, optimisation measures that are crucial for efficient fleet management are carried out within the Vanbreda Fleet model. Insurance policies are integrated into fleet management as a whole thanks to close cooperation with repair networks and damage experts. Driving style monitoring is also part of the service model, and is supported by telematics. The model is modular,” says Erik Blankaerts, “enabling Vanbreda, together with the fleet manager, to determine what best fits their organisation. We can also continuously monitor the evolutions of the claim through benchmarks and reports. This guarantees the fleet manager a service provision that is tailored to their fleet.”

Erik Blankaerts

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