Vanbreda chosen as Best Managed Company 2018

Vanbreda Risk & Benefits is selected as a Best Managed Company 2018 by Deloitte and Econopolis. The sustainable growth strategy of the Antwerp-based insurance broker, combined with major investment in innovation and digitalisation, appealed to the jury.

Vanbreda chosen as Best Managed Company 2018

The jury awarded the most successful private Belgian companies with the title of Best Managed Company 2018. Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner at Deloitte Private: “We went in search of companies with strong financial results that were created by a clear strategy, robust skills and the keen commitment of all employees.”

During the final gala event, Vanbreda and six other companies were judged to be a Best Managed Company for 2018. These companies are now entering into a programme with Deloitte and Econopolis in which learning from and exchanging ideas with each other will be central.

Sustainable growth coupled with innovation

Pedro Matthynssens, CEO of Vanbreda Risk & Benefits, was the proud recipient of the prestigious award on Friday evening. He was really pleased with the recognition. “In the first place, this is a real feather in the cap for all our Belgian employees who have shown their commitment to our organisation for many years and continue to do so every day.”

According to Mr Matthynssens, there were two main reason why the jury chose Vanbreda Risk & Benefits as a Best Managed Company. “On the one hand it was our growth strategy. We combined autonomous growth with targeted take-overs and that has meant that for ten years now we have achieved uninterrupted growth in turnover and profit. But, in addition to this, I noticed that the jury were really impressed by our major investment in innovation and digitalisation. This is something that would appear not to be immediately associated with the previously “conservative” insurance industry. And this clearly made us stand out.”

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