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You have the option to waive the insurance contract without penalty and without motivation. You may exercise this right within 14 calendar days starting from the date of conclusion of the contract or from the day on which you receive the contractual conditions and this pre-contractual fact sheet if this day is after the conclusion of the contract. This renunciation must be notified to the insurer by registered letter. The renunciation by the policyholder takes effect at the time of notification.

In this case, you are only required to pay the premium in proportion to the period during which coverage was granted. Failing to exercise the right of renunciation, the insurance cover will continue to be maintained according to the conditions stipulated in the contract.

Law governing pre-contractual relations:

  • Title VI “Market Practices and Consumer Protection” in the Code of Economic Law
  • Part 6 Insurance intermediation and insurance distribution in the Insurance Law of 4 April 2014
  • The Royal Decree of 22 February 1991 laying down general regulations on the supervision of insurance undertakings

Law applicable to the insurance contract: Belgian law in principle and the law of 4 April 2014 in particular.