Car insurance for European officials

A good car insurance is indispensable when you are a frequent driver.


Third Party Liability insurance

The mandatory insurance covers material and physical damage caused to third parties and to weaker road users such as pedestrians and cyclists. The premium is calculated on the basis of different parameters such as the age of the driver, the place of residence and the no-claims degree.

Fire and Theft Insurance and Comprehensive Insurance

The Fire and Theft Insurance covers fire, theft, broken windows, natural forces and collision with animals, without deductible.

In addition to the coverage provided by the Fire and Theft Insurance, the Comprehensive Insurance also covers accidental damage.

Legal Protection

This coverage is optional and covered by an independent insurance company that will give you legal assistance.

Accident Insurance Driver

This insurance covers physical injuries suffered by the driver in case of a car accident. It can be joined on an optional basis and according to your own needs.

Assistance Insurance

This insurance provides:

  • technical assistance for your car (departing from your residence);
  • includes a replacement vehicle in case of breakdown.

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