Home and theft insurance - European officials

Fire, theft or environmental disasters, ... These are but a few examples of catastrophes that can threaten your house and/or its contents. To preserve your family from such unpleasant surprises, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits offers you interesting solutions.


Basic coverage for your home

Basic coverage for the building and the contents provides a “block formula” that covers the following risks:

  • fire;
  • storm, hail, snow or ice pressure;
  • damage by water and flammable liquids;
  • broken windows and plumbing equipment;
  • smoke damage;
  • electricity damage;
  • assessment costs;
  • rescue costs;
  • vandalism;
  • natural disasters (flood, earthquake, …).

The following options can be taken out:

  • indirect loss;
  • legal assistance;
  • theft.
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Optimise your insurance portfolio

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