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Get more out of your salary with the outpatient care insurance Ambuflex Plus

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When you opt for this outpatient care insurance via your flexible remuneration package, you will enjoy the benefit of paying your insurance premium with your ‘gross cash payment’.

This part of your salary will not be liable to any social security contribution or income tax.

Below is a detailed overview for your specific family situation:

How Many Family Members In Your Family, Including Yourself?

If you choose to subscribe only yourself, please make the simulation for 1 person.

1 person
Ambuflex Plus – basic ‘Outpatient Care’ cover
Maximum annual net reimbursement(*) by insurer 290.00 EUR
Annual gross premium 326.71 EUR
Corresponding Cash Payment
Annual gross cash payment 326.71 EUR
Employee social security contribution (13.07%) -42.70 EUR
Income tax (48%) on taxable earnings -136.32 EUR
Annual net cash payment 147.69 EUR

(*) This is one ceiling per family and therefore for all affiliates together.

So, if you spend more than EUR 147.69 per year on outpatient costs, you will really benefit from choosing for Ambuflex Plus. It allows you to enjoy an annual net reimbursement of up to EUR 290.00 while it actually only costs you EUR 147.69!

On the private insurance market, this net budget will not cover the premiums for a more comprehensive outpatient care insurance. Moreover, joining an individual insurance scheme often involves medical formalities and waiting periods.

Get Even More Out of Your Ambuflex Plus With the Optical & Dental’ Extension:

Ambuflex Plus – ‘Optical & Dental’ extension (simulation per affiliate)
Maximum net reimbursement by the insurer per affiliate during the first year of affiliation(*) 500.00 EUR
Annual gross premium 248.01 EUR
Cash payment
Annual gross cash payment 248.01 EUR
Employee social security contribution (13.07%) -32.41 EUR
Income tax (48%) on taxable earnings -103.49 EUR
Annual net cash payment 112.11 EUR

The same logic applies as for the basic ‘Outpatient Care’ coverage: if you pay more than EUR 112.11 per year on outpatient dental care, you will really benefit from choosing for the ‘Optical & Dental’ extension of Ambuflex Plus.

(*) You will benefit even more in case of a continuous affiliation since you will enjoy a higher reimbursement for dental care in the second year of affiliation (EUR 1,000.00) and from the third year of affiliation onwards (EUR 1,500.00).

These calculations are simulations. No rights may be derived from these examples.

Annual premiums and ceilings valid as from 01/01/2024.

The simulations take into account a progressive tax rate of 45% (or 48% including municipal taxes) applicable to a taxable income up to a maximum of EUR 46,440.00. In excess of this amount, the tax rate increases to 50% (or 53.50% including municipal taxes) and your income is thus taxed higher, which further increases the financial benefit of Ambuflex Plus.

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