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September 9, 2016

'Our account manager is familiar with every detail of our file'

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When you drive into Lichtaart, it’s impossible not to notice the Spar. The supermarket is the life’s work of Guy and Luc Van de Poel, two brothers who inherited the grocery bug from their mother. “When she was only 14, our mother was already helping out in her mother’s grocery shop”, laughs Guy. “After 55 years, she still enjoys helping out and filling the shelves.”

Guy Van de Poel found that same family-oriented approach to doing business at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits. “Our account manager is familiar with every detail of our file”, explains the manager. “Questions and problems are resolved quickly and efficiently, and the annual follow-up ensures that the entire insurance file has been freshly committed to memory.”

In 2008, like many other business managers of Spar shops, Guy had the opportunity to sign up to an insurance plan that had been worked out by Vanbreda Risk & Benefits and Retail Partners Colruyt Group, the partner for all independent entrepreneurs of the Colruyt Group. “We signed up immediately, as it was an all-inclusive plan that matched the needs of our shop. In addition, it also represented a significant saving compared to other players on the market.

“The fact that Colruyt can evaluate and adjust the insurance plan based on the input received from all the independent entrepreneurs gives us an extra level of certainty and transparency. I always try to evaluate every modification critically and objectively, and in all such cases, our central contact person provides a great deal of added value if we have any questions.”

Account manager Guy Claes quickly came to our aid when the shop suffered cooling damage in February as a result of thawed products. “Due to a misunderstanding, the wrong cooling compartment was switched off, as a result of which €2,000 worth of meat products had to be thrown out”, he explains.

“This led to fewer sales and extra hours of work for employees who had to remove the unusable food products in the morning and restock the compartment in the afternoon.
Based on detailed specifications and clear photographs, we were able to complete the claim very quickly. In such cases, it’s important for the customer that we can act fast and effectively.”

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