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April 1, 2019

“Optimal follow-up thanks to Vanbreda”

Dekeyzer-Ossaer is a meat-processing firm where family connections are still important. Around 130 employees dedicate themselves to providing a high quality service for all customers on a daily basis. They focus on the hospitality, hotel and catering sectors, as well as industry & retail. Every day, they arrange deliveries at a competitive price – all in an innovative way.

In 2018, they were hit by a brute force attack. This was a cyber attack in which an external party broke into Dekeyzer-Ossaer’s servers. This cyber attack meant that their system was blocked and their whole production was shut down. “In a very short space of time, all of the machinery shut down”, explains Johan Dekeyzer. Despite the safeguard measures, this led to a huge loss. So, they contacted their insurance broker, Vanbreda, right away.

Immediate assistance

“Vanbreda has already built up lots of experience in settling claims for cyber attacks. There’s a common factor in all claims and that’s that you need to react swiftly”, explains Hendrik Van Acker.

Vanbreda put Dekeyzer-Ossaer in touch with a specialist IT firm right away. They did everything to provide support the same day. Together with Dekeyzer-Ossaer’s IT department, they investigated what precisely was going on, so that the damage could be dealt with as soon as possible. They also guaranteed to follow up in the days after the cyber attack, until the damage had been fully dealt with.

It’s important for companies to take out good cyber insurance. Other types of insurance, such as fire insurance, don’t provide adequate cover against these new digital risks.

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