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April 10, 2016

'Vanbreda doesn't make lofty promises'

“Vivaldis Interim was growing so well that we outgrew our previous insurer and were looking for a bigger company for our occupational accident insurance needs,” states CFO Michel Lootens. “We were instantly struck by Vanbreda’s no-nonsense approach: their methodological approach won us over. They don’t make lofty promises, but they are very thorough in their work.”

Vivaldis Interim is a company without much hierarchy. “We give our offices simple instructions, and we expect the same from Vanbreda. We understand each other without having to explain too much. In Vanbreda, we’ve also found a new insurer that offers us even better conditions.”

Although occupational accident insurance is governed by the law, there are many other points to take into account. “Vivaldis Interim relies on us to produce reports and provide advice on prevention,” says account manager Els Van den Broeck. “We analyse occupational accidents, considering the circumstances and identifying which types of accidents occur most frequently. We estimate the impact in terms of working days lost and costs incurred. By launching and following up with preventive actions, we try to prevent as many risks as possible. All of these are actions which should lead to better profits for the customer.”

Prevention consultant Greet Mols is pleased with this support. “Vivaldis Interim is still an SME with a very horizontal structure. So I do a lot more than just prevention,” she laughs. “It’s nice to be able to lean on an organisation that looks at things from our perspective. Els brings a touch of friendliness and we understand each other very well.”

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