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August 9, 2016

'We have a close partnership'

Soudal has made a name for itself in the Kempen region. As a manufacturer of silicone, glue and a range of other products for the construction, industrial and do-it-yourself sectors, the firm has become a market leader in its field. Today, Soudal employs 2,500 people in 44 countries, but its centre of excellence is still located in Turnhout.

In 2016, Soudal is celebrating its 50th anniversary: the firm was started on 19 September 1966 by Vic Swerts as a sole proprietorship, and in its first full year of operation it generated the same amount of turnover as Soudal now does in 15 minutes. The company expects to generate more than €700 million in revenue in 2016.

Proper insurance is essential in managing this capital. “The days when selling insurance was something done on the side by teaching professionals are long gone”, says Vic Swerts with a smile. “Nowadays, adequate risk management and follow-up of the technical and legal aspects of insurance require the kind of extensive expertise that the average Flemish company simply does not have. With Vanbreda, we have established a solid and close partnership.”

“Hardly a week ever goes by without some form of consultation. It can relate to fire damage and loss of profits, product liability, employee insurance or the fleet policy. Vanbreda provides us with high-quality services, in particular with regard to the risk analyses for all the group companies as well as for the detailed analysis of the insurance portfolio after acquisitions.”

As a global player with 54 branches and 15 production sites, it’s no simple matter to manage all of the insurance contracts. “The international risks are covered in group contracts”, explains account manager Dominique Declercq. “Thanks to our international network, Vanbreda ensures that the conditions for a fire insurance policy in the US are the same as in Turnhout. As a result, Soudal can rest assured that such matters are dealt with appropriately on an international level, enabling local managers to focus on their core activities.”

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