Employee Benefits

70% of employees in Belgium have a supplementary pension scheme. About four million employees have group insurance through their employer. We will assist you in drafting, analysing and/or managing your Employee Benefits package.

Vanbreda app handle medical administration

Employee Benefits as a non-statutory benefit

As a broker, consultant and administrator, we will advise and assist you in drafting, analysing and/or managing your Employee Benefits package.

We have been helping companies for years with their group insurance (such as pensions, death, bonus schemes, bridging pension schemes, etc.), hospitalisation and incapacity for work insurance (guaranteed income), pension funds and affinity programmes.

Leave the administrative management to us

Managing the medical expenses of your employees demands a great deal of time and energy from your HR department. So why not leave the administration of your hospitalisation insurance in the safe hands of our specialists? Of the almost 600 employees at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits Belgium, we have over 100 members of staff fully dedicated to the administration of hospitalisation insurance, including claims settlement and complete follow-up*.

We manage the hospitalisation insurance (hospitalisation, outpatient costs and guaranteed income) of nearly 775,000 individuals and this portfolio is growing steadily. Every year, we process more than 180,000 claims and carry out over 550,000 payments.

Our workers guarantee a rapid settlement of any file. 90% of claims files are settled within 14 days.

Our call centre will answer all your standard questions. For more specific questions, they will put you through to our claims representatives. A team of medical specialists assists us for the medical management.

*Vanbreda Risk & Benefits possesses the ISAE3402-declaration for the activities as Third Party Administrator as handler of Belgian claims regarding medical costs. This report was issued by PwC.

Help your employees to appreciate your Employee Benefits

As an employer, you spend a lot of time and money providing your employees with a solid Employee Benefits scheme. But do they appreciate this?

It is essential that your employees understand the contents of an Employee Benefits scheme. Otherwise, your efforts to motivate, retain and recruit staff might all be in vain.

We can advise you on your communication approach and offer you a range of tailored, customisable products and services:

  • personal benefit statements: a clear and personalised annual statement provides your employee with an overview of all the Employee Benefits and reserves accrued.
  • total reward statements: a detailed overview specifying the salary components and all Employee Benefits of your employees, as well as presenting all the related costs for your company. A total reward statement will help you stand out in the market and recruit more efficiently.

Protect the health of your employees

We have developed various products and services to safeguard the health of your employees:

  • Medi-Link: if one of your employees is admitted to hospital, he or she does not have to worry about advance payments or hospital bills. We will pay the full amount of the invoice directly to the hospital via Medi-Link! Your employee will subsequently reimburse us any excess and the costs not covered in the insurance.
  • Assi-Link: what happens if an employee becomes ill on a business trip, has an accident during a well-deserved holiday or is admitted to hospital in Belgium? Thanks to Assi-Link, a service incorporated in your hospitalisation scheme, your insurer will take over all the practical arrangements of an employee’s stay in hospital.
  • Waiting policy: by taking out a waiting policy, your employee will continue to enjoy affordable coverage when no longer covered by a group hospitalisation scheme, without additional delays and possibly without a medical questionnaire.
  • Ambuflex Plus: a visit to the GP or specialist, a scan or ultrasound scan, physiotherapy or medicines bought at a pharmacy… These costs can add up quickly and the majority are often at the expense of the patient. Ambuflex Plus offers your employees the possibility to spend (part of) their flexible remuneration budget on an outpatient care insurance policy for themselves and their family members and this without any medical formalities or waiting periods.
    More information can be found on the website of AmbuflexPlus.

EB plan

Would you like to inform your employees about their group insurance or hospitalisation insurance? It’s possible! Thanks to the extranet dedicated to your company, your staff will be able to consult their EB plan wherever and whenever they’d like.

For more information, click here.

Duty to inform

The Verwilghen Act requires every employer to inform its participating employees about the options available upon the loss of the right to participate in the group medical insurance (hospitalisation and/or disability insurance).

Within the scope of this obligation to inform, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits would like to assist you by placing some documents at your disposal. They can be used to inform your employees about the options of individual continuation and prefinancing.

We are there for you.

Marc Van kerckhoven
Director EB Brokerage & Consultancy

Frank Fripon
Director Health Care, Claims & Specialties