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Protect your international employees with the right insurance solutions

As an employer, you are obliged to ensure the safety and health of your employees while they are at work. This duty of care does not stop at the national borders. Business travellers, seconded staff, expats and other international workers therefore need specific insurance. Vanbreda designs policies that are tailored to your business.


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Vanbreda Risk & Benefits: your partner for international mobility

There are various forms of international employment that allow companies to deploy their workers beyond the national borders. Each form of employment carries its specific risks. 

Vanbreda works out solutions depending on the destination, the nature of the foreign employment and the extent to which workers can fall back on social security in their home country or their country of employment.

For every form of employment abroad:

  • Vanbreda checks the existing insurance covers such as occupational accident insurance, hospitalisation and group insurance

  • We identify the risks of the country of employment

  • We supplement existing covers where necessary

  • We develop alternative or additional covers on a tailor-made basis 

  • We can also cover the staff of foreign subsidiaries in the policies


Protect your employees abroad

As specialists in personal insurance, we always propose the ideal insurance solution to our clients. For each type of employment abroad we know the risks and offer bespoke policies.

Our solutions

Travel insurance

With travel insurance, employees can call on a professional support provider abroad 24/7 when problems arise. This type of insurance is ideal for short-term assignments.

Expat insurance

Expat insurance offers employees basic coverage for medical expenses, support and repatriation. The policy can be supplemented with additional cover for personal accidents, dental and eye treatment, legal protection, political evacuation etc.

For employees on secondment or short-term assignments, existing covers may be supplemented with round-the-clock accident insurance and comprehensive travel cover.

Overseas medical expense insurance

For long-term assignments, we recommend overseas medical expense insurance. Staff members working abroad on a permanent basis can no longer remain insured under their existing hospitalisation plan. A medical expense policy is the solution for them and their family members.

Overseas sickness & disability insurance

Staff members working abroad on a long-term basis may also become sick or injured for a certain length of time, which puts their income at risk. Since they are no longer eligible for the existing insurance schemes in their home countries, it is advisable for them to take out sickness and disability insurance.

Additional assistance

Working abroad brings new challenges. Our experts advise employees before they leave abroad on legislation, medical information, political and economic situation and other topics. Moreover, the additional assistance policy offers them on-site assistance and support

Kidnap & Ransom insurance

Unfortunately, employees may also fall victim to kidnappers or extortionists while on assignments abroad. For this, there are insurance solutions that offer the employer preventive advice and provide assistance in case of hostage-taking. In addition, the ransom is insured as well.

Additional policies

Luggage cover

Protect your employees’ luggage on their travels. In case of loss or theft, you can limit your financial loss with luggage cover and your employees will receive help quickly on site.

Cancellation insurance

Unexpected events such as a natural disaster, death of a family member, dismissal or other circumstances can cause a trip to be cancelled or a stay abroad to be cut short early. With cancellation insurance, you can recover the costs of a covered event. These may include the cost of airline tickets, hotel accommodation or other activities.

Insurance for travel interruption or delay

A journey that is delayed or unexpectedly interrupted may result in additional costs. Cover your business against financial costs due to travel interruption or delay with a bespoke policy.

Legal protection

Legal protection insurance provides your employees abroad with support and immediate assistance with legal problems and claims.

Civil liability

Protect yourself and your employees against damage to third parties while carrying out their work abroad.

Vehicle assistance

Do your employees travel abroad in a company car or other means of transport? Let our expert advise you and suggest a customised solution.

Political evacuation

The political situation abroad can change unexpectedly and create risks for your employees locally. Political evacuation insurance provides the solution.

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Let your employees work abroad with peace of mind

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