Occupational Accidents

Tailor-made occupational accident insurance

As an employer, you want only the best for you and your team. Therefore you should anticipate accidents with clearly formulated occupational accident insurance. You are required by law to have such insurance. Within the legal framework we will help you find the best insurance solution for your business.


A focused and personalised approach

Committed guidance and follow-up

Assistance in discussions and complex accidents

An appropriate Employee Benefits approach

In the workplace with an easy mind

Occupational accident insurance protects you and your employees from the financial consequences of accidents in the workplace and while commuting. It is the only mandatory insurance that you must take out for your employees.

At Vanbreda, we offer a basic policy that we can supplement to suit the company’s needs. With a basic policy, you are insured for all the guarantees covered by the Occupational Accident Act. They include compensation for loss of wages and payment of benefits in the event of a fatal or permanent injury accident at work, major medical expenses and accidents with a vehicle.

You can also count on us in disputes and complex accidents. We have entered into Service Level Agreements (SLA) with most insurers to provide optimal insurance coverage for your employees. In this way, we make sure that an occupational accident is correctly classified and you can count on the right conditions.

Our experts will prepare a financial analysis for you. This will give you a clear picture of the financial impact of occupational accidents and the risk of such accidents. You put safety first and you strengthen your negotiating position with the insurer.

At Vanbreda, we look at how we can supplement your policy with useful extras that give you the clarity you deserve. We are also your loyal consultant in discussions and complex cases.

Supplement to your policy

Grey area between work and private life

Sometimes the distinction between work and private life is not clear. What if one of your employees slips at the hotel swimming pool while on a business trip or has an accident on the way there? In order to avoid disputes and/or give your staff a fringe benefit, you could also offer them private accident insurance. Together with occupational accident insurance, this would provide them with 24/7 protection.

A solution for workers not on your payroll

You should also protect your trainee who runs the risk of injury in the workplace. Opt for a supplementary insurance solution for trainees, volunteers or self-employed consultants to reduce the financial impact of accidents in the workplace. 

Real wages with Excess law

The compensation paid under occupational accident insurance is limited to the statutory cap. More and more companies are therefore opting to insure their staff for the payroll amount in excess of the cap. With this extra, you insure your employees for a payroll amount that corresponds to their real wages.

Every day, there are people who are permanently incapacitated by an occupational accident. Accident prevention and workplace safety remain a priority. Vanbreda is not only an insurance broker, but also your loyal consultant.

  • We strengthen the general health and safety policy in your company.

  • We draft technical and organisational recommendations for the various workplaces and production units.

  • We formulate various health and safety measures and assist you with them.

  • We give advice on training programmes aimed at ensuring a safer working environment.

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Discuss your insurance solution with us!

We provide a bespoke service at Vanbreda. So join us in finding the solution that suits your personal wishes and needs. We consider the most advantageous premium terms and take a targeted approach. That way, we send you well-protected and with an easy mind to the workplace.

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