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May 7, 2017

'Vanbreda is a major player with the ethos of the local broker'


Pass by any construction site and there is a good chance it will be a project of the Van Roey Group. As one of the largest players in the Belgian construction industry, the Van Roey Group is active in the design, building, financing, maintenance and operation (DBFMO) of projects in various sectors.

The Van Roey Group currently employs 580 people. ‘Vanbreda manages our group insurance,’ explains HR Manager Hilde Kersten. ‘And this demands a certain expertise and knowledge of the intricacies of insurance. I keep an eye on it all from a distance, but I’m glad that you point out the specific changes affecting the world of insurance.’

One of these changes is the Unified Status. ‘We’re switching to a fixed premium system for office workers, which our manual workers can join after the reforms if there will be no sectorial changes. Vanbreda is assisting us throughout this process, removing many of the concerns we have. You also keep us informed by means of various newsletters on the subject and are currently carrying out a survey to assess how you can help your clients with a smooth harmonisation. In return for our participation in the survey, we receive specific recommendations for our own situation.’

Just like Vanbreda, Van Roey is a family business. ‘In 2015, we plan to celebrate our 275-year anniversary with a large party. During a meeting in preparation of this event, our CEO used Vanbreda as an example of the perfect way to indulge our clients.’

Hilde Kersten often recommends Vanbreda to other construction companies and HR managers. ‘And yet many businesses are afraid that Vanbreda might be too big and impersonal. We know from personal experience that this is not the case.’

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