Insurers are increasingly evolving into a wellbeing partner for your employees

Being an employer, you strive to ensure that your employees are healthy and happy. Unfortunately, they sometimes encounter mental problems. At such times easily accessible care is of crucial importance to them. Fortunately, today’s insurers are no longer merely covering the cost of medical care or providing medical assistance. They are increasingly focusing on the mental wellbeing of your employees and offer a range of additional services to this end.

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Digital tools in support of mental wellbeing

Healthcare providers have been working with an online platform and app for some time. This makes it easy for insured persons to report a hospitalisation, submit medical costs, activate the third-party payment system for the hospital, request a refund for pharmacy expenses via AssurPharma, etc.

We have noticed that many insurers have recently extended their services, creating a genuine healthcare platform. This enables employees to call on general practitioners and psychologists more quickly. Long waiting lists for physical appointments with a doctor or psychologist are being replaced by instant consultations via a digital platform.

Using the app, your employees can gain access to digital care services anywhere and at any time. For example, initial support when their general practitioner cannot be contacted or a consultation with a doctor (by video call) or psychologist (by telephone, video call or sometimes even face-to-face).

Transition from insurance partner to wellbeing partner

Insurers are also increasingly providing supplementary wellbeing related services, including digital articles, webinars, an online burn-out assessment tool or a mindfulness programme. Sometimes individual support can be provided via an ‘employee assistance program’, with an emphasis on psychological support and tools to improve your mental wellbeing.

Maximum comfort for your employees

Thanks to these ongoing developments a range of supplementary services is being provided to promote the wellbeing of your employees and their family members. Are they covered by a collective healthcare insurance? If so and depending on their hospitalisation and/or outpatient care insurer, they can now take care of their physical and mental health in a straightforward manner, in comfort and in privacy, thanks to the various paying or non-paying tools provided to them. These additional services are sometimes also offered in combination with a collective invalidity insurance.

An extra asset for you as an employer

The healthcare services that are provided are thus not merely significantly extended but also taken to a higher level. By making healthcare services more easily accessible and by lowering the threshold, insurers are keen to improve the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees. As a caring employer, the fact that you can pay even more attention to mental wellbeing and preventive care in this way represents a major asset.

More information?

Do you have further questions about the wellbeing services offered today by your insurer? If so, please contact your Account Manager Employee Benefits at Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.

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