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February 11, 2017

“Perfect synergy”

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The collaboration between UZ Leuven and Vanbreda dates back to the 1970s. “It started on a small scale, but has grown to be a true service partnership,” states Director of Human Resources Marianne Vael. “We started with group insurance, but these days Vanbreda also manages all our liability cases, occupational accidents and hospitalisation insurance.”

With 1,995 beds, UZ Leuven is one of the largest hospitals in Belgium. Day after day, our 9,178 employees are committed to providing diverse and specialised patient care, while continually working on improving and keeping this care up-to-date. UZ Leuven’s key strength lies in combining research, training and multidisciplinary patient care, with ongoing reflection and review being critical.

This doesn’t just require a major organisational effort from the hospital’s HR staff, but from Vanbreda as well. “As insurance brokers, we aim to provide UZ Leuven with good service in the broadest sense of the word,” says Marc Van Den Brande. “Our team is ready to offer administrative, technical, legal or fiscal advice and expertise as requested.”

High-quality services

“The Vanbreda team and our HR people work together very closely,” acknowledges Marianne Vael. “The point in the process at which Vanbreda or UZ Leuven stops or starts, is less important than the quality of service the employees receive.”

“Vanbreda’s strength lies with its employees above all else. They are special people: they are aware of the client’s needs and the reality of how an organisation functions.”

According to Marc Van Den Brande, transforming this reality into the correct insurance solution is no easy task. “The complex and technical nature of Employee Benefits requires thorough monitoring of policies and adjustment of figures. We correct the insurers where necessary, ensuring UZ Leuven doesn’t receive any unpleasant surprises.”

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