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December 10, 2016

'Vanbreda is a well-oiled machine that runs on specialist knowledge'

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Delhaize has been a Vanbreda Risk & Benefits customer since 2013. “We had been looking for a solution for our medical expenses insurance for a while,” says Compensation & Benefits Manager Nico Penne. “Our premium fees were under pressure and our insured parties weren’t satisfied with the service provided by our insurer.”

The supermarket chain looked for, and found, a Third Party Administrator to take over the management of the optional group insurance policies for medical expenses. “We were won over by Vanbreda’s broad and professional range,” Nico Penne stated. “Vanbreda takes care of all of the management tasks, across the whole spectrum: from the launch phase to daily contacts with our insured parties to reporting.”

Above all, Vanbreda’s independence is a major asset for Delhaize. “As Vanbreda is now in charge of all management tasks, we are no longer tied to a specific insurer as an employer. If we become dissatisfied with the insurer, we can change to another supplier much more easily. We don’t have to worry about getting bogged down in administration.”

According to Nico Penne, the partnership has run smoothly right from the outset. “As a customer, we were immediately assigned contact people at every level. You can be sure you’re always talking to the right people, and get results a lot faster.”

At the beginning of 2015, the decision was also made to outsource the management of guaranteed income insurance policies to Vanbreda. “We were one of the first customers to opt for this highly specific solution,” says Benefits Analyst Laurent Leblon. “In fact, Vanbreda is currently the only insurance broker offering this package.”

Open communication

Delhaize recently commissioned an analysis of its occupational accident insurer’s approval policy, after which the food retailer asked for advice on its pension plans. “Why do we trust Vanbreda so deeply? It’s a solid, well-oiled machine that runs on specialist knowledge,” laughs Laurent Leblon. “The different departments work well together to provide high-quality, open and transparent communication.”

Even when problems arise, Laurent Leblon claims they are rapidly resolved. “For example, there were some problems with the collection of premiums for long-term illness. We talked to Vanbreda and we quickly came up with a solution together. Our employees really appreciate this rapid approach.”

Delhaize holds both its employees and its customers in high esteem. “We demand a lot of ourselves. We are constantly questioning ourselves and we always keep the customer at the forefront of our minds,” says Laurent Leblon. “We expect our partners to have the same approach. Vanbreda quickly understood where we were coming from and continues to offer solutions tailored to our specific requirements.”

Account Manager Ria De Wit enjoys working for Delhaize. “Large companies always ask for a tailored service. Each time, it’s a challenge to get all of the puzzle pieces into place. At Vanbreda, we can always rely on a strong team to work together to come up with solutions. It’s really rewarding to work for a customer that expresses satisfaction but also thinks critically with you.”

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