From now on, when you are admitted to hospital you’ll no longer need to lie awake at night worrying about advances or hospital bills. Because Medi-Link pays the full amount of your invoice to the hospital! You subsequently repay us for any exemptions and any costs not falling within the guarantee.

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Medi-Link is a third-party payment procedure for hospital expenses. In case of an admission in a hospital or in a so-called one-day-clinic, the invoice with regard to the accommodation expenses is paid directly and entirely to the care provider. The patient is not required to pay an advance at the hospital.

This is a very efficient, beneficial system for both the hospital and the patient. The hospital is guaranteed a quick and efficient payment of the patient invoice, while the patient is not required to advance any money. The invoice is settled directly between the care provider and the insurer. The patient may have to reimburse a limited number of items, that are not covered by the insurance.