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At Vanbreda, we let you set the right course as a maritime company. We offer bespoke insurance for your floating capital. The specialists in our marine department will assist you and review together with you how best to protect yourself against maritime hazards in turbulent waters.


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Our marine specialisation

A cargo ship blocking a busy trade route for days or your equipment getting badly damaged at sea? It is not always this extreme, but unexpected delays, accidents, damage and even piracy are more common at sea. So be one step ahead of maritime risks with a watertight insurance solution.

The insurance solutions are there for different parties in the maritime field, ranging from cargo transport to specialised companies carrying out other types of maritime activities, such as managing wind farms.

Our marine department masters every possible transport-related insurance product, ranging from cargo and every possible type of ship or vessel to every possible liability policy for the different players in the logistics chain.

Solutions for cargo

Cargo is focused on the ship’s cargo. With proper insurance, you can get your cargo safely from A to B. There are several solutions for different maritime risks associated with your cargo.

Cargo insurance

Cargo insurance for all possible goods being shipped at your risk, ranging from the simplest finished goods or equipment to the most complex commodities and complicated investment projects, including financial consequential loss coverage.

Damage and loss

Protect yourself against the consequences of damage or loss, both in transit and in storage. Including risks of general average.

Contingency policy

If the goods are not shipped at your risk, it is wise to take out a contingency policy. This will cover you against damage or loss during shipping, in which you still have a financial interest.

Specialist covers

Specialist covers, for example for a cargo of food that has lost its quality during transit or for commodity traders.

Cargo owners legal liability

With a cargo owners legal liability solution, you are insured for potential faultless liability in certain territories in case your goods cause environmental damage or damage to third parties or block transportation routes resulting in delays or additional costs.

Charterer’s liability

Charterer’s liability covers your liability if you not only have your goods shipped by a specialised carrier, but hire (‘charter’) a vessel yourself to have the goods transported.

Solutions for hull & liability

Hull & liability insurance covers damage to or loss of your ship, including its machinery, appurtenances and legal liability towards third parties.

Hull insurance

Hull insurance covers damage to or loss of your ship, appurtenances, spare parts on board, supplies, lubricating oil, fuel and all machinery.


An insurance solution for your liability as a shipowner, charterer or shipper under protection & indemnity (P&I) or charterers’ liability.

Freight, demurrage & defence (FD&D)

Freight, demurrage & defence (FD&D) insurance through our in-house claims team that settles your claims and contractual disputes on your behalf. It also covers legal costs.

Kidnap & ransom insurance

A kidnap & ransom insurance policy pays the ransom demanded up to a predetermined limit. This will bring your ship and/or crew back to safety as quickly as possible. The insurance also covers the costs of assistance from specialised advisers and mediators.

Freight forwarders’ liability

Do you organise the shipping without your own means of transport, but you draw up your own shipping documents? In that case you have the same responsibilities as the effective carrier. Opt for a freight forwarders’ liability or NVOCC policy to protect your liability.

Arex 21 policy

As a freight forwarder, customs agent or logistics company, you can take out liability insurance for all your business activities. With the Arex 21 policy, you choose the type of cover, insured capital and excess amounts. You can find out more on the advice page of FORWARD Belgium.

The Antwerp transport insurance market, with Vanbreda Marine as market leader, has been one of the most reputable in the world since the 19th century, with the most favourable conditions for policyholders and a whole apparatus of exporters, lawyers and courts that have a grasp of international trade.
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We do not stand still but continue to develop. Therefore, you can count on our long expertise in the marine sector. You will get help from a professional crisis team that assists you 24/7 if there are questions or problems.

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