Promoting mental well-being: lower the barriers for all your employees

Awareness of the importance of mental well-being is growing, both in society and in the workplace. As an employer, you have a key role to play in proactively supporting your employees’ mental health. Evelyne Lauwers, Health Care expert, explains how integrated well-being services empower your current and future human capital.

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Colleagues taking time off due to a stressful private situation, or experiencing burnout due to overwork – sadly, such situations are increasingly common. Our work and private lives sometimes move at such a fast pace that we give too little thought to the impact on our health. And yet good health affects not only the performance and productivity of your employees, but their general satisfaction and well-being too. It’s therefore important for you, as a caring employer, to focus on proactively supporting your employees to look after their mental well-being.

Well-being and coaching available at all times

To support companies in this, Vanbreda Risk & Benefits works closely with BloomUp. Through this innovative online platform, employees can work on their mental health within their comfort zone and at convenient moments. They can get started on various growth tracks to address common mental health problems. Anyone who needs professional guidance can request an exploratory meeting through BloomUp with a certified psychologist or therapist. 

Proactive + reactive safety net

This benefit will give your employees the tools to request support according to their own needs and at their own pace. This usually leads to good experiences and gives a boost to employee engagement. Preventive support also has concrete results in the workplace: a lower absenteeism rate within your organisation and a reduction in associated costs.

What if an employee falls by the wayside despite the proactive approach? As an employer, be sure to look into guaranteed income insurance. This will mean that your employee doesn’t have financial concerns to deal with in addition to his or her health problems.

Would you like more information?

By offering accessible mental health support and opening up mental health problems as a subject for discussion, you can meet the current needs of the labour market. This strengthens your position as an employer for attracting and retaining talent. Do you have questions or would you like advice tailored to your organisation? If so, get in touch with our experts.

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